Bald Guy Brew Coffee Roasting Company

yum yum yumyum yum yum yumyum To the tune of “here comes the bride” (because if I could marry this coffee I would).  Bald Guy Brew Coffee Roasting Company popped up as a recommended page just as they were opening their Blowing Rock location. It was the most perfect time to start following them as the excitement and passion was electric. As I watched the pictures pop up on my feed the desire to try out the coffee for myself grew and grew until I couldn’t take it anymore! Since they are located in North Carolina I knew that getting on an airplane to have a cup of coffee was a bit nuts so I ordered online instead!

If you follow me on social media you know that USPS temporarily lost my package (I’m sure this doesn’t surprise most). Basically, the package was marked as delivered but it never arrived. After reaching out to Bald Guy Brew they told me that “things happen” and they would send me out a new order first thing in the morning! What incredible customer service?!?!?! My plan was to just place a new order and have it shipped to a different address. A company that loves their customers as much as their coffee is one that I can definitely stand behind. The package finally showed up right before a new order was mailed out and I think that this is a perfect example of karma. Since Bald Guy Brew was so accommodating, they were able to save the replacement coffee for another  customer.

YA YA YA nice story but tell me about the coffee! As you all know, my go-to and favorite cold brew is Grady’s. Recently I realized that I had to give Grady’s a break before I got sick of it ( I would NEVER want that to happen). Over the past few months I have been searching far and wide for a coffee/cold brew that would live up to my super high standards. I am happy to announce that I FOUND ONE….and his name is El Tio! While I was browsing the Bald Guy Brew website I came across a coffee with fabulous reviews

El Tio Bald Guy (Uncle) is a three bean American blend using our “Preferred” coffees which turned out to be a constant favorite at the market. A little darker roast produced a rich, bold cup.

I decided that there was no better coffee to order than the “constant favorite” and I am very happy with my decision to order it. I went for a course grind since I am a cold brew/French press gal but they will grind to your preference or send out the beans whole. I’m telling you, they are a very accommodating bunch! I haven’t had the opportunity to make a cold brew with this yet but I am sure it will be phenomenal. What I have tried out was hot and iced coffee using the French press. The flavors are absolutely delicious and the blend of beans are perfect! If you peek real close at the photo on the top of the post you will see “posted 08/01” I ordered my coffee on 7/30….yes you read that right!!!! Bald Guy Brew ROASTS YOUR COFFEE TO ORDER, when I say that this is the freshest coffee I have ever tasted I really mean it. I can not say enough good things about the coffee or people at Bald Guy Brew Coffee Roasting Company and would love for you all to support them by purchasing coffee for yourself or as a gift for friends/family/coworkers/etc…

As I mentioned earlier, they are located in North Carolina so if you are local you should for sure pop by. If you are hundreds of miles away (like me) you can order online! I want to leave you with a short excerpt from the “about” section of their website but I absolutely think you should take a peek and read the story for yourself.

Not all was lost as I learned very quickly that it doesn’t take much to burn a pound of coffee.  After another visit to the Strip District, I came home with some more green coffee and developed a strategy on how to not get in trouble by filling the kitchen full of smoke.  Short of the long it worked, and the next day we had some stovetop-roasted black-iron skillet coffee and my life was changed forever.

Keep On Keeping On


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