There are so many bars out there but I am convinced that the universe only brings me the best 🙂

When I noticed the buzz surrounding good!snacks bars I decided to direct message them on Instagram and find out 1.Their favorite flavor and 2.The most popular flavor. The answer for the most popular flavor wasn’t surprising at all…chocolate peanut butter. I am not a big peanut butter fan so I passed on that and decided to order mint chocolate instead as is is more my speed. The answer for their favorite flavor though did surprise me…..lemon. I am not one to naturally gravitate towards a lemon flavored product but I put my trust in them and ordered a box. I have finally had the chance to try both flavors since I was out of the office when my bars arrived and I have got to say, they did not disappoint. As I predicted, I enjoyed the mint chocolate more than the lemon but I was nicely surprised when I realized that I like the lemon bars! While they both make a perfect breakfast, the lemon is a bit lighter and more of a “breakfast bar” while the mint chocolate is a “snack bar” (I will be having both of them as breakfasts though). They are not hard and crunchy but instead a soft baked consistency and don’t have an overpowering protein flavor thank goodness.

What is even in these bars? What is the story behind the bar? Check out an excerpt from their page.

What if your protein bar tasted like a candy bar? Too good to be true? Not anymore. We set out to create a different kind of protein bar. One that is soft, tasty, and still amazingly nutritious. We searched for the best plant-based ingredients to hide 15g of protein inside every delicious bar. The result is a crave worthy treat without the guilt. So what’s our secret? Maybe its magic, maybe it’s just really talented people, but either way it’s definitely good!

I have got to say…. these bars make for a perfect treat at any time of the day and they managed to keep me full till lunch! These bars get an A plus in my book and I know you will feel the same. These bars will go fast in my house so I am already thinking about my next order. Right now good!snacks are having a summer sale so hurry to their site for 25% off of all bars!!!!!!

Keep On Keeping On


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