Hail Merry

Happy Monday!!!! Are you feeling sluggish and longing for another weekend adventure ASAP? Yeah me too…I can’t think of a more perfect review for a Monday Morning.

I came across Hail Merry on Instagram and decided to follow them based on their mouth watering photos. I knew right away that I needed to get their products into my hands. The universe was definitely on my side when I walked into Whole Foods last week and they were right in from of my face. I picked up a pack of Almond Butter Cups and Espresso Cups and oh my goodness gracious…. I can not even explain the level of deliciousness that I experienced.

I was totally expecting a something similar to a traditional peanut butter cup but  the ooey gooey consistency of Hail Merry cups were an unexpected but welcomed surprise. The Espresso Cups provided to be a great mid-morning pick me up, when I was looking for another cup of coffee but didn’t want the caffeine spike.  While the cups do have some caffeine in them the amount isn’t overpowering and the taste is great! The Almond Butter Cups were the winner of the 2 for me though. I absolutely loved the consistency and favor with these, I will most definitely be purchasing more in the future! It’s important to keep in mind that Hail Merry has a long line of products and that I only had the opportunity to try out 2. Their products are perishable and have to be shipped cold therefore there aren’t any sampler packs being sent out till the weather gets cooler. I will try to get my hands on the rest of their line when they begin sales on the sampler packs again ( I already have an email out to them so I am one of the first to know when the products go live)

The most exciting thing about this company is their ingredients. Here is an excerpt from the Hail Merry page

It all began on the island on Maui, where Susan O’Brien first discovered raw foods after an introduction to local raw foods chef. Susan was instantly blown away with how this truly innovative approach to preparing food could provide such a delicious and satiating experience, while featuring only plant-based ingredients that provide so many great benefits for the body.

She was particularly fascinated with how dietary fats (like raw nuts and organic virgin coconut oil) were used for their nutritious, heart-healthy and energizing qualities, but also to add subtle sweetness and a luxurious mouthfeel to snacks and desserts. The notion of “have your cake and eat it, too” was solidifying within her, and she began to embrace an idea that was not commonly believed at the time; That clean, fresh, healthy ingredients can provide an indulgent experience. She knew she was on to something huge.

It’s always great to find a company that is so focused on putting clean ingredients into the bellies of others. My recommendation is to get you butt to Whole Foods and try out some Hail Merry treats. If you are not near a Whole Foods that carries the line, products are also available for purchase online so check them out!

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