Clio Snacks

Who else is sick of the typical yogurt cup breakfast? I know I am! When I was losing all hope in spicing up my yogurt game Clio Snacks walked into my life. Perfect timing ehhh?

Clio greek yogurt bars are like a delicious desert for breakfast! The only way for me to accurately describe them to you is…dark chocolate covered cheesecake. Who the heck wouldn’t want cheesecake for breakfast? I picked up 3 flavors to try out at Whole Foods last week, vanilla, hazelnut, and strawberry. While all 3 were delicious, Vanilla won the gold medal. It may be because I love the classic flavors but the combo of the vanilla “cheesecake” and the dark chocolate shell were the perfect partner to my morning coffee.

Who is Clio you may ask….take a peek at an excerpt from their page

It all started with our founder Sergey, fearless inventor of Clio Snacks.As a Ukrainian immigrant and former accountant, Sergey had a dream to be an entrepreneur and find what truly made him happy.

At the same time, he was just like any other dad trying to figure out fun ways to get his kids to eat nourishing foods.

One night, he noticed his kids were curious about a batch of strained Greek yogurt in the fridge. Where one parent might’ve seen a mess, Sergey saw a delicious opportunity.

Curiosity led us to an innovative idea that brought yogurt into the 21st century.

And Clio bars led us all running to refrigerated aisles everywhere.

Clio can be found in most yogurt aisles so check out your local stores. If you have trouble finding them, Clio has a store locator on their site as well as the option to purchase right from them and have it shipped direct to your door. If you like chocolate, yogurt, and cheesecake this is for sure a treat for you!

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