Izzy & Tallulah

The holidays are in full swing in NYC and my newest find will be your pick of the season! During my lunch break today I was strolling through the Union Square Holiday Market when I came across a friendly woman with a bright smile offering caramel samples. Now….you have all been in a situation in which you take a sample and have to pretend that you love the product. This was absolutely not the case at all! This woman gave me a tiny sample of salted caramel and I knew that I had to have more. While I didn’t want to be that girl standing at a booth sampling every single product I couldn’t let the chai caramel pass me by. Oh my goodness gracious what a flavor, perfectly flavored with chai spices mixed with the caramel flavor we all know and love (obviously I bought a bag).

Izzy & Tallulah is a company built on friendship, just take a peek at a snippet from their website.

We have created a product line to celebrate and enrich the bonds we share with family and friends. Izzy & Tallulah – named for Carrie’s daughter, Isabella, and Pamela’s daughter, Tal – both thirteen this year – honors their spirit with nature-inspired home décor and yummy homemade edibles. We are business partners and friends brought together by our two daughter’s unique bond.

Our girls, Isabella and Tal, met at age 7 while climbing trees at the park. As they went to different elementary schools, they did not encounter each other for a full calendar year – until their worlds collided, once again, while playing at the park and climbing trees! From this serendipitous encounter they have forged a pure, uncomplicated, spirited friendship that is grounded in their mutual respect for the natural world and in their enjoyment for creating together. They know that they can count on each other to bake, cook, hike, look, make, listen, sing, draw, mold, craft, paint, sew, mess, play, catch and climb. Anytime, anywhere!

At the heart of our business, Izzy & Tallulah, is our deep maternal love for these two girls and admiration for their special friendship. As our daughters enter their teenage years, we find ourselves looking for ways to nourish our relationship with them. With this in mind, we make and source products that welcome, calm and engage the senses and the heart. Our girls are excited to join us on this journey as entrepreneurs and artisans. Together we will strengthen our bonds and bring joy and beauty to the daily lives of others

It’s always a pleasure to bump into something delicious when you least expect it but today that something delicious was also something local. Made with love and straight from Montclair, NJ I highly recommend you check out their booth in Union Square or take a peek at their website to see all of their sweet treats. *hint hint* they have way more than just caramels.

Keep On Keeping On


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