Barney’s Bone Broth

Now… when I first heard about bone broth I was not immediately drawn to try it out! A broth made out of animal bones did not sound very appealing to me but after reading about it more the pros outweighed the cons. In a little window on Waverly Place lies the mecca of bone broth and it goes by the name of Barneys. Right before the holidays began I came down with an awful cold and the opportunity of trying out Barney’s bone broth presented itself. I walked up to the window and opted for a ginger beef broth served in a coffee cup and purchased a quart of their signature broth to take home with me. To be honest the taste of the ginger broth was not something that was pleasing to the pallet at first but after a while I got used to the taste. Upon first sip it was like magic entering my body, it soothed my throat and in the freezing cold night I actually began sweating! As I mentioned, I also purchased their traditional broth…..THAT TASTED AMAZING! I heated up some traditional broth the following day and it was phenomenal! Bone broth has so many fabulous benefits some including immune support, GI support, and skin elasticity. If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping by the window shop, if your not in the area they also ship their broth via their online shop. Whatever way you get it I highly recommend it!

Keep On Keeping On


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