Bluestone Lane 

G’day mate! 

I came across a fabulous new coffee shop and I HAD to share it with you all. Before I dive into my review here’s a little bit of info right from their website 

Bluestone Lane offers a refined product proposition dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee and complementary foods, delivered in an engaging way. We are focused on creating environments where customers are immersed in the experience and leave feeling like a local. Visit our Coffee Shops or Cafés.Bluestone Lane Coffee is influenced from the renowned coffee culture hub of Melbourne Australia, where premium coffee is a way of life.

I first decided to walk into the local Bluestone Lane because of how gorgeous the storefront was…I was intrigued. Once I stepped foot inside the smell of fresh ground coffee and the sound of small talk amongst friends and colleagues overwhelmed me. Their menu is super cute and follows the Australian theme, I opted for the the AB&J which was almond butter and raspberry jam on a thick toasted slice of multigrain bread. Ok….I know that you are thinking “that’s nothing special” BUT IT WAS!!!!!! I was also thinking that it was going to be a plain old breakfast that I could have made at home but I was very very happily surprised. I am not sure if the jam  that they use is their own but it was better then any raspberry jam I have had in the past. While the jam was phenomenal, the bread was what made the whole dish. Instead of your typical 2 slice sandwich, this dish consisted of 1 super thick slice. By doing this, Bluestone Lane not only creates an open face sandwich allowing the customer to experience all the flavors at once but……….by toasting a thick  slice of  bread it creates a crispy outside with a soft and mushy inside!!! After having the AB&J I am excited to try the other dishes on their menu. Now, I can’t talk about a coffee shop without mentioning the coffee can I?!? I have tried both the cold brew and the iced latte. The cold brew will never stand up to to Gradys but the latte was one of the best ones I have had! Their espresso is a step above the rest in the area and I highly reccomend stopping in to try it out. You don’t necessarily have to get a latte, just try out the espresso drink of your choice! Bluestone Lane has 5 locations in NY so if you look hard enough (or check out their website) you will be sure to stumble upon one of them. 

Keep On Keeping On 



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