Bergen County Wine & Food Festival

Helloooooooooo Thereeeeeeee

This past weekend I attended the first day of the Bergen County Food & Wine Festival. I did also have tickets to the second day but did not end up going so this post is based solely on the first day of this event. The event was located in the parking lot of the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ, they had a nice big tent set up. Saturday’s event was titled “Burgers & Brews”, a competition to see what local restaurant made the best burger. So you all know I am VERY honest in my posts and to be VERY honest with you all of the burgers that I sampled were incredibly overcooked. Trust me, I know that it is VERY hard to cook a sider sized burger to perfection but I was a little bit disappointed. Besides the fact that the burgers were overcooked the event itself was a very nice one. They had beautiful fall decorations and it was incredibly organized. There were also drink vendors ranging from high alkaline waters to wines, beers, and spirits. This was the first year of the event so understandably there was going to be a kink or 2 to iron out for next year. The issue this year was the heat, the tent had a clear top that you were able to see out of, it was very pretty but kind of created a greenhouse out of the event. It was VERY VERY HOT to the point of needing to walk into the mall for some air conditioning. I am sure that the event organizers got this feedback from many and will improve upon the tent design for next year and maybe even include some fans. Overall the event was a nice one to bring the community together and feature local restaurants and if you are local to the Bergen county area I recommend checking it out next year. 

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