Hudson Valley Food & Wine Festival

Food + Wine + The beautiful Hudson Valley = A phenomenal event!

This past weekend I attended one of my favorite festivals of the year and it never disappoints! Last year I got there about 3 hours afters the gates opened and there were so many people I couldn’t even move through the various buildings (thats not an exaggeration). This year I arrived right as the gates opened and it wasn’t any better, this goes to show how phenomenal and popular this event is. What I love most about the festival is the wide variety of truly high quality products that are featured. I tried everything from apple wine to chocolate truffles to sweet potato pound cake. The most interesting booth I came across was Ketel One Vodka and man was it cool! They were serving vodka sodas and then had a garnish bar to spruce up your drink…they even had a photo booth to take a memory with you. I posted a photo below so you all can see for yourself a little bit of their booth.


Outside of the food and drink vendors within the various buildings, there were also a wonderful amount of food trucks around to purchase lunch. I had the most delicious bean burrito by a vegetarian food truck with a restaurant based out of New Paltz, NY (Veggie Oasis) . All around the event was incredible and I was introduced to a bunch of cool local companies to feature for you all. I wanted to post about the event briefly since many of you were aware that I was going and I know that you were waiting on my review. I will have some more posts coming at you soon that will touch on the specific products and companies that caught my attention at the festival. If you have never been to this event I HIGHLY recommend marking a reminder on your calendars to purchase tickets for next year’s event once they are released.

Keep On Keeping On




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