Young Living

Hello there 🙂 A few years back I had some Young Living essential oils sent to me. Specifically the ones that the site states is ingestible (lemon, cinnamon, clove, etc…). To be completely honest with you all I am not too sure how I feel about ingesting the oils but I have to admit that I have used cinnamon oil to replace cinnamon powder once and it was delish. While this blog has been mainly focused on food and beverage I needed to include a post about these oils. About 6 months ago I purchased a starter kit after giving the initial oils that I had received a chance. The starter kit comes with a beautiful diffuser and a whole bunch of oils! In this post I want to concentrate on 2 in particular, Stress Away and Thieves. I am someone who is stressed out ALL THE FREAKING TIME about everything and anything….I cry over spilled milk. After using Stress Away on the regular both diffused and applied topically I must say how fabulous it is! It brings an instant relief over your body and the smell is fantastic. Thieves is another oil that I would super interesting,  I was commuting back and forth to work on public transportation so last cold season was pretty rough. A few drops of Thieves on the soles of my feet with a sock on top before bed helped me sleep well and wake up with less intense symptoms. I am not going to go into all of the studies and testing done with essential oils because its one of those things that you really believe in OR you think its a joke. I am someone who has seen the benefits and will continue to purchase the oils and I think that if you are skeptical to try it out start with a simple bottle of lavender and check out all of the uses for it. You may love it and broaden your oil horizon…you never know.


On a side note…..I started up a Facebook page for the blog so just search Taking A Bite Out Of Brooklyn and hit follow!


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