Clemson Bros. Brewery


Ok lets rewind a second before I get you all hot and bothered with excitement agin. A few weeks ago while on a day trip in upstate NY I was looking for somewhere fun to stop for lunch. I got onto Yelp to find a local spot , found Clemson Bros. Brewery , and decided to check it out (the word brewery was my selling point). When I pulled up I was in complete shock at how beautiful the building was! Clemson Bros. is located in a renovated warehouse and it was absolutely gorgeous exteriorly. Because of the beautiful exterior I was naturally pumped to check out the inside. The inside was beautiful, the style was relaxed yet super trendy. Immediately I opted to get a flight of beer to check out what they were working with and it turned out to be a fabulous decision. All of the beers were fantastic but the 2 that truly stood out were the fruit infused beers. I honestly can not tell you if the raspberry blonde or the mango pilsner was better because they were both mind blowingly delicious. After the flight I wasn’t too hungry but I am a freaking foodie for goodness sake so I had to try something. I ordered the deviled eggs and once again it turned out to be a great decision, they were phenomenal. Not many places can perfect the deviled egg but Clemson Bros. surely did. I HIGHLY recommend that you all get to Clemson Bros ASAP to check out the space, the beer, and the food. It’s a little bit of a trip from NYC but absolutely worth it!!

Keep On Keeping On


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