Dean’s Sweets

THIS GIRL LOVES CHOCOLATE! As I have gotten older, my chocolate cravings have gone from wanting a snickers to wanting a piece of fine dark chocolate or a completely astronomically priced truffle. Dean’s Sweets is there for when the cravings arise and I am so happy to have found them! Here is an excerpt from their website.

Dean’sSweets proudly offers elegant, hand-dipped truffles, caramels, buttercreams, and other chocolates, created from the finest imported chocolate and using the highest quality local ingredients whenever possible.
Co-owner and chocolatier Dean Bingham and co-owner / partner-in-life, Kristin Bingham, take full advantage of Maine’s bounty to source ingredients. They use regionally harvested organic maple tapped in Madison, Maine, sea salt from coastal Marshfield on the caramels, cream from nearby Smiling Hill Farm, and butter from Kate’s Homemade, churned 20 miles south in Old Orchard Beach. Maine blueberries are used in the blueberry truffles, while a sprinkling of spirits in the blueberry and Needham truffles comes from Cold River Vodka, an award-winning distillery in nearby Freeport that makes vodka from Maine potatoes.
Those and the more than 30 other varieties of truffles, caramels, and buttercreams sold at Dean’sSweets are hand-made and hand-dipped in Dean’sSweets’ 1,200-sqare-foot kitchen and retail store in Portland. Other flavors include Lemon-Apricot Chevre, using local goat cheese; Chocolate Stout truffles, blended with Allagash Black from Allagash Brewing; and Fox Family Maine Potato Chips, adding salt and crunch to milk-chocolate bars.
All chocolates are made in small batches with no preservatives or artificial flavors. No nuts or nut products are used, allowing the ever-growing population of people with nut allergies to enjoy the chocolate without the worry. Most options at Dean’sSweets are gluten free, and dairy-free and vegan chocolates also are available.

Yup! Dean’s Sweets is a LOCAL business ( we love those here!) AND their products are the highest quality. I can not even begin to explain how absolutely mind blowingly delicious these chocolates are! Of course my favorite is the dark chocolate caramel sea salt , but there was not 1 chocolate that I did not like. We are all familiar with the boxes of assorted chocolates that find their way into our homes during the holiday season. You know, those boxes with maybe 5 chocolates that you like while the rest of them go straight to the trash? How about this holiday season stocking up on Dean’s sweets to not only gift to family members but to have in your home for guests. There is no better way to make your gusts happy then to fill them up with delicious fancy (and affordable) chocolates. You can purchase Dean’s Sweets online or at their shop if you are local to the Portland, Maine area. But trust me when I say that you MUST try out these chocolates!


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