Brooklyn Whatever

Yes, Brooklyn IS the first word of this company’s name! Yes, their products are made in Brooklyn! Yes, everything is delicious! First off, we must touch on how fantastic the name is….Brooklyn Whatever…how awesome is that! Brooklyn Whatever is a mother/son business that creates delicious pickled products, olives, mixed nuts and more. Here is a brief excerpt from their website.

Not too long ago Rachel, the mom, was unemployed and Abe, the son, couldn’t find the right job. The universe spoke quietly at first, then more loudly urging them to become partners and make food that makes people happy. They said it couldn’t work, a mom and her son working together.

They set out on a path that was bumpy at first, but as time went on it got smoother. Rachel and Abe work side by side day in and day out producing the products, going to street fairs, creating the logo, branding, labels, and of course selling the product and shipping it out.

Brooklyn Whatever was born on a dream to offer the highest quality Shnacks to you, the customer. A mom and son built a business from scratch, have found their purpose and are so grateful to have each other to try something totally different.

A true family business expanding everyday as Rachel and Abe grow from being a mom and son to business partners blessed with a direction and purpose, committed to delicious, environmentally conscious products

Do pickled brussel sprout sound appealing to you?  At first I was a little iffy about how much I would like it but now I can truly say that Shpickles brussel sprouts are my favorite pickled vegetable ( that says a lot since my love for pickles are ENORMOUS ) . If you are looking to try only 1 product from this company your choice should be the brussel sprouts no doubt! Another interesting and delicious flavor were their Smolives, holy cow those things are flavor packed and delicious. The whole Brooklyn Whatever product line is perfect for anything from a backyard BBQ to a quite night in with the family and beyond. Every home MUST stock up with as many jars of Shpickles,Shmolives, and Snuts as your pantry will hold because this stuff is GOOD! Get on their website ASAP and order yourself some delicious and nutritious goodies.

Keep On Keeping On


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