Grey Ghost Bakery

If I had a penny for every time I craved a really delicious homemade cookie I would be a billionaire. Grey Ghost Bakery makes the cookies that can be there when a cookie is all I want! I have had the privilege of trying out some truly fantastic cookies that come out of the Grey Ghost kitchen and their story is pretty cool too! Here is an excerpt from their website.


Like the ghost tales of the Carolina Lowcountry, Grey Ghost Bakery’s legendary recipes have been passed through our family for generations. We’re a small family-owned baking company based in South Carolina and we use the highest quality all natural ingredients to create our made-from-scratch, hand-formed cookies in a range of truly addictive flavors.

Pawleys Island, SC legend has it that the Grey Ghost, a friendly spirit, appears to alert residents of impending storms and protects those who heed his warning. Inspired by her lazy summer days spent baking and sharing Lowcountry lore with friends and family on the porch of her Pawleys Island beach house, owner Katherine Frankstone named the company for the beloved legend.


When Katherine Frankstone was the tender age of five, all she wanted was an Easy Bake oven, but her parents steered her from the toy shop back home to the warmth of their family’s kitchen where she climbed a stool alongside her father and learned to bake in the real thing. For decades, she has been satisfying the sweet teeth of her husband, sons, and flocks of friends with her perfectly balanced crisp yet chewy cookies.

Coming from a family of driven entrepreneurs – her grandparents founded an insurance company in the middle of the Great Depression – Katherine was inspired to transform her hobby into her own specialty food company. With Grey Ghost Bakery, Katherine is serving up a taste of her childhood with a good old‐fashioned dose of Lowcountry ghost lore.


Believing the real thing is the best thing, Grey Ghost Bakery’s fresh, all-natural ingredients include: unbleached, unbromated flour, European-style butter, pure cane sugar, whole eggs, pure vanilla extract, cocoa, crystallized ginger, molasses, cane syrup, and premium nuts and spices.

Our made-from-scratch, cookies not only feature fresh, premium, all-natural ingredients, they’re lovingly hand-formed according to secret family recipes perfected over generations.

Grey Ghost Bakery’s founder Katherine Frankstone learned the craft of baking alongside her father who always used natural ingredients. “Great recipes and premium, real ingredients are the keys to our freshness and taste,” says Katherine who joyfully points out that despite all natural ingredients and a lack of preservatives, the cookies have a surprisingly long shelf life (90-120 days depending on variety).

If you close your eyes when you are eating a Grey Ghost cookie you can be transported back to grandma/mom/auntie’s kitchen as a child waiting for the cookies to cool before you can FINALLY indulge. Their flavors range from the classic chocolate chip to the not so classic chocolate espresso. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and my suggestion to you is to try out these cookies (even though I know you’ll love them) and then introduce them to your family this Thanksgiving. Everything is available at the Grey Ghost Bakery online store so there is literally no excuse for you to not try out these cookies!


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