I am someone who NEVER gets my daily fill of protein. RXBAR is a delicious solution to my ongoing lack of protein problem. RXBAR is a delicious protein packed bar that is full of not only protein but a whole lot of other good stuff. With a massive variety of flavors there is something for everyone…I’m positive. Here’s a little excerpt from their website

We believe that food should be simple and delicious without compromising nutrition. We believe that food should be consumed as nature intended.

We set out to create a whole food protein bar we felt good about eating and that made us feel great after we ate it. And we’re sticking to it.

To all you pumpkin spice lovers….THEY HAVE A PUMPKIN SPICE BAR!!!! It is mind blowingly delicious and perfect for the fall that has FINALLY arrived. If you can not tell, I LOVE THIS SEASON and I love the flavors of the season even more. My suggestion to you all is to get online and purchase the RXBAR sampler pack full of all their flavors (I’d also pick up a box of pumpkin spice as well since it is seasonal).

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