I FINALLY FOUND A GOOD PROBIOTIC! I am someone who has suffered from chronic stomach issues my entire life and doctors ALWAYS recommend I take probiotics. That being said, taking a pill daily is a pain in the ass and nothing really stuck. Once GoLive was brought into my life, taking my probiotics became something enjoyable. Go live is a powder that is taken 2-3 times a week mixed into a glass of water. Now…I know what your thinking “powder? thats gross!” NOPE…IT TASTES FANTASTIC! The wide variety of flavors ensures that you never get sick of just 1 flavor. They also have an awesome squeeze bottle/ on the go version of the probiotic. This is awesome….in the cap is the probiotic powder and all you have to do is push and shake. It really is so so cool and so fun  ( perfect for kids or on the go moms). GoLive is sold everywhere from Amazon to Whole Foods, get out and go but some. Heres to a healthier gut!

Keep On Keeping On



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