Bashakill Vineyards

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! As we welcome back the crispness of Autumn’s apples and breezes, we also welcome back wine trails and weekend vineyard trips. For those of us living in the  non-stop city of NYC (all boroughs included of course) we need to get away every now and then to truly enjoy nature. For those of us that are sick and tired of the Long Island vineyards that we have all visited a million times, Bashakill Vineyards is your break from the norm. I came across Bashakill Vineyards last spring while taking a day trip away from the city that never sleeps and searching for some tranquility. I found just that when I stumbled upon a gorgeous vineyard sitting within a secret garden like setting. Bashakill Vineyards not only provides a beautiful environment to relax and unwind , they also have FANTASTIC WINE! I have never fell in love with wine like I have with their Hummingbird…there are no words to describe how fantastic it is. Another favorite of mine was their limited time LAVENDER WINE….holy cow what a treat that was! As Autumn is upon us I HIGHLY recommend taking the road less traveled, steering clear of the Long Island vineyards, and taking a trip up to Bashakill vineyards. They have live music every weekend, a beautiful outdoor fireplace, and delicious food via an outside vendor. Here is an excerpt from their website.

The winery has been renovated from a working garage. It has been heavily insulated and is now temperature controlled. We upgraded our production to 1200 cases this year. Check the OUR WINES tab to see which wines are now available for sale. We usually make 5 to 6 white and red wines, but we produce in small batches so they will be available at different times of the year.

In 2011, we built the BashaKill Wine Cave! We cut into the mountain and poured a 67-yard concrete cave, which is 40 feet deep and 16 feet wide. Being under ground creates a constant temperature with high humidity. This provides the perfect environment for aging our red wines. This will bring our red wines to an entirely new level.

Trust me when I say that a trip to Bashakill Vineyards is a trip worth taking.

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