Lawless Jerky

Get those jaw muscles ready because this post is about a spectacular jerky! Lawless Jerky arrived in my lap thanks to an e-mail I received and boy am I happy that I tried out this product. Lawless Jerky is the most unique jerky that I have tried with flavors like honey chipotle and spare rib. The jerky is delicious and flavorful and have the perfect chew. Here is a little excerpt from their page…

Lawless Jerky was founded by attorney Matt Tolnick, who realized that he could bring more smiles to more faces through his jerky than through his lawyering. So Matt bravely left his practice to pursue his passion: crafting small-batch jerky by hand and in powerful and unique Braver Flavors™. Lawless Jerky offers seven world-inspired flavors, including Sweet Sriracha (beef), Aloha Teriyaki (beef), BBQ Spare Rib (pork), Pho (beef), and Japanese Curry (beef). All flavors are thoughtfully handmade with consciously raised meats, including 100% grass-fed beef and hormone-free, antibiotic-free pork.

Lawless Jerky is America’s Craft Jerky™, proudly made in Arizona, USA. Over the past 2 years Lawless Jerky has grown from a small apartment kitchen in Santa Monica, CA into a state-of-the-art beef jerky facility in Arizona. Unlike almost all major beef jerky brands, Lawless Jerky’s founder, Matt, still creates every flavor from scratch. And we still make our jerky by hand in microbatches.

Our secret marinades and proprietary processing methods help give our jerky a flavor that will be well-balanced and last through the chew. You won’t find any shiny, sugary coating or strange chewiness; our meat tastes like carefully flavored meat. No added nitrates/nitrites. No added MSG. No corn syrup. Yes, handcrafted goodness and quality ingredients in every bite.

I have not seen Lawless Jerky locally in any of my grocery stores yet but they are very easily accessible online via their website. Individual bags are super affordable at only $5.99 , trust me when I say that Lawless is worth a try because the flavors are unlike anything else you will try.



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