Nature Nate’s

With the weather warming up and Spring quickly approaching, honey is working it’s way back into my life . Many people think to only use honey in their hot teas….what a sad thing to think! Honey can be used to relieve hangovers, boost your energy, condition your hair, etc… but it all depends on the quality of the honey that you are purchasing! Nature Nate’s has been a wonderful discovery, this honey is 100% real honey, it is raw and unfiltered meaning it is the real deal. The flavor is spectacular, if you have never tried raw unfiltered honey you will be surprised as how different it tastes then your honey bear honey that I know many of you still are using. Nature Nate’s is made in the USA and I absolutely love that!

The best honey comes from American bees.

Unfortunately many honey companies aren’t picky about where their honey comes from and import honey from other countries. But Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey is made by American Bees ©. It’s the best way to ensure your honey is full of pollen and all the good stuff you expect from high-quality honey. (excerpt from Nature Nate’s Website)

Another thing that I hear a lot when talking to my family and friends about picking the right honey is “but it is so much more expensive to buy “fancy” honey, why can’t I just use what I have always been using” First of all, Nature Nate’s is VERY affordable at 12oz for around $6.50 as well as other sizes but equally affordable. Secondly, there is a huge difference between processed honey and raw honey. Here is a quote from the Nature Nate’s website.

Raw and Unfiltered honey is honey the way nature intended.

Raw means the honey is not heated to high temperatures, thus keeping all the important enzymes intact. Unfiltered means it still contains pollen and retains the best flavor, aroma and nutrition, just naturally. It’s like having a beehive in your own backyard!

Raw vs. Process Honey

Pasteurized honey is inside most those bottles of clear golden honey you find on supermarket shelves. And it’s been cooked to over 180 degrees, filtered under high pressure and combined with diatomaceous earth (crushed stone fossils often used for filtering) to remove pollen debris. While it may look pretty on the shelves, the pasteurization process actually destroys much of the quality and flavor found naturally in honey.

Thankfully, Nate insists on a gentler process. To prevent crystallization, Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey is gently warmed. Then strained to remove the wax and “bees knees” before bottling, because most people don’t like bees in their honey. The result? A honey rich and full of flavor that honey lovers swarm to.

I am super satisfied with this honey and I recommend you all going out to pick some up, or ordering some from the comfort of your home. I am a big fan of farmers markets and usually pick up my honey there because I do not trust grocery store honeys, Nature Nate’s is the exception though. Nature Nate’s is on the same level of the honey I have purchased right from the beekeeper and it s much more easily accessible.


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