Hidden Grounds

If you are a loyal reader you already know what drew me to this coffee just by looking at the picture. If you are a new reader… WELCOME, my name is Danielle and I LOVE New Orleans style coffee! The first thing worth mentioning about this product is the packaging, the bottle and its design are absolutely gorgeous and immediately draws you in. What matters most though is the TASTE of the coffee…. and it is FAN-FREAKIN’-TASTIC. The taste of this coffee is rich and full bodied and full of that good old New Orleans flavor. I have had my fair share of cold brews but Hidden Grounds is by far up there in my top 3! While this product is amazing, the super exciting part about this company is that they have a location in New Brunswick NJ (which makes this a local-ish product, WOO HOO!). While New Brunswick is a little far for me to get to on a regular basis I am very eager to get my but there as soon as I find the time. They host a variety of different events and serve up all the coffee and tea drinks that your heart can desire. If you are in the area, definitely check it out. Now…back to the good stuff..the cold brew! You can purchase Hidden Grounds cold brew on their website for an extremely affordable price  (the price was lower  their competition’s but their quality was far above). I will for sure be placing an order this upcoming week to stock up for the month! On top of it all…they even offer to send you a free bottle to try out and all you have to do is pay for shipping! Before I finish writing about Hidden Grounds I think it would be beneficial for you the reader to read a little deeper into the company via an excerpt from their website.

You know that friend of yours that has the crazy idea? The one that complains about their day job and spends their time Googling artsy pictures of new businesses. The one that tweets about this amazing party they’re at but they still feel sad and alone. We’re not those friends. We had an idea, signed a lease, pulled the trigger.

In comes a building with “hidden” retail space just begging for greatness, and a landlord willing to give a break to two bright-eyed kids who were freshly unemployed. Thus Hidden Grounds was born. What you see today is a testament to countless hours of research, hard work, and hope. The best part of Hidden Grounds is that it’s a team success. A mother in India sends us the spices for our Masala Chai, a close friend named the business, and another gave us the recipe for our body cleanse juice.

Oh and the coffee? Purchased from the finest sources we could find and freshly ground every morning. Espresso is religiously brewed for 26 seconds to capture deep flavor and full body. There’s a good reason we were voted as one of the Best Coffee Shops in Central New Jersey. Cream cheese mixes are handmade, produce is hand selected, and all of our signature sandwiches are made to order by hand only after you order it. Our Bagel Sandwiches and Masala Chai are uniquely designed to perfection. Our gluten free items are a must try!

At Hidden Grounds we put ourselves into the shop. We learn your drink, know your story, and are happy to see you every time you visit.

If you are in the New Brunswick area….pop on by their location and enjoy the coffee and the atmosphere.

If you are so close yet so far from their location like I am, order your free bottle online and next time you are in NJ pop on by their location.

After you have done this….STOCK UP ON THEIR COFFEE so you never have to go a day without it.

Keep On Keeping On


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