Belgian Boys

Have you ever craved a fluffy and delicious Belgian waffle?

I do ALL THE FREAKING TIME,  stumbling across Belgian Boys has been a dream come true! Belgian boys is a Long Island based company (WOO HOO NY MADE) that created heavenly treats, one of them being fluffy, delicious Belgian waffles. On Friday morning I was home from work sick, I heated up one of their waffles and threw some fresh blueberries on top to create the perfect breakfast! Besides the regular waffles, they also have CHOCOLATE covered waffles and a super interesting thing called a “Stroopwafel”. If you are like me, you have absolutely no idea what this funny named thing is. Well, let me tell you……it’s a party in your mouth. A stroopwafel  is 2 super thin waffle wafers (sort of like a waffle cone) with caramel sandwiched in between. Also, to make things even more exciting…they are also made chocolate covered. The 3rd item pictured were “cone bites” which are exactly what they sound like….tiny cones filled with delicious chocolate. Let me tell you, there is nothing bad to say about any of Belgian Boys products and there is no excuse to not pick up some products of your own the next time you see them around! Belgian Boys also has a wonderful online store where you can purchase their entire line of products. Try out these products and be sure to let me know what you think!

Keep On Keeping On


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