Owl’s Brew

I am almost positive that if you live in the NYC area you have seen Owl’s Brew around. As a tea lover, I was automatically DRAWN to this product! Mixing tea and alcohol sounded like the best freaking idea ever…..and it sure was. I decided to use Brooklyn Republic Vodka as my mixer and the tastes were so pure and fresh that I will NEVER go back to using sodas as a mixer. Owl’s brew is a concentrated tea blend that is not only healthier then your usual soda or juice mixers but they are much tastier. I served Owl’s brew to my mother one night and she became absolutely infatuated. Owl’s brew has an entire line of flavors but my favorite by far is the Coco-Lada, it has a tropical taste and makes for a perfect drink while online planning for your next vacation. The story behind this company is a modest one, created by tea loving booze loving chicks. Here is an excrete taken from the Owl’s Brew website.

The Brew Story

Owl’s Brew was founded by tea-drinking boozers (always in moderation).

We were looking for a sipper that was lighter, fresher, funner.We were tired of our go-to vodka cran. While an easy bar-call, there was too much sugar, and a serious lack of hydration. We tried the old fashioned cocktails: Manhattan, Negroni, Tom Collins.  While we felt very “Mad Men” ordering, one clunky cocktail was plenty and we’re round two kind of gals…

It didn’t take us long to think of a product that offered endless flavors, that was light and fresh – our favorite non-boozy sipper –  tea!

Our first brew was simple – we switched out cranberry juice for cranberry tisane…our second step was to sub rooibos for sweet vermouth… yum.  Steps 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 were not quite as simple, but we won’t bore you with those details. If you are reading this, you are looking at the final product.

Owl’s Brew is a tea crafted for cocktails and our favorite way to Drink Wise

So…next time your shopping and come across Owl’s Brew, pick some up and try it out at your next party. I promise you that it will be a hit!


Keep On Keeping On


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