Dave’s Gourmet 

Hello there again! Sorry I have been MIA but I am back for good now and I am here to say…Holy yum! Many consider butternut squash a “seasonal” vegetable, I on the other hand can eat it anytime of the year because I LOVE IT. When I first came across this sauce it seemed like something interesting to try, and I am so happy that I did! You would expect a pasta sauce made of a sweet root vegetable to be something sweet and rich (and to be eaten in moderation). David’s gourmet on the other hand is full of flavors that deliciously offset the sweetness of the butternut squash! The sauce is absolute perfection and can be used on anything from a chicken cutlet to a lasagna. My favorite use is the basic bowl of pasta but you should pick up a jar and let your imagination go crazy. This particular sauce has been very difficult for me to find in stores but it is all over online stores. You can purchase this sauce on Amazon as well as Dave’s online store! My advice….pick up a jar ASAP and enjoy the realization that this sauce will trump any jarred sauce you have ever tried!

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