Brooklyn Republic Vodka

Why hello there! I’m sorry I have been such a stranger but I got a new job and have been on the run like crazy! Currently I’m in the middle of training and about to go to sleep but I had to get on and blog first! My allying favorite cocktail is a Moscow mule and the main ingredient of corse is vodka! I have been on the hunt for a good plain vodka for a very long time now and while at an event about a month ago I FOUND ONE! Brooklyn Republic Vodka is not only smooth and very high quality but it is also made in BROOKLYN! And even more exciting then finding a good plain vodka is finding a good flavored vodka and every Brooklyn Republic flavor is better then the last! When asking one of the owners of the company a little more about the brand and product her response was pure perfection so I will give it to you word for word!

Just to give you some backstory on us, we’re a family business and we make our vodka in Brooklyn – in Clinton Hill near the Navy Yards, to be specific. Our fact sheet will tell you more about our process, so let me know if you have any questions about that. In the meantime, I can tell you a little more about how we got started.

My parents are eastern European – my dad is from Lithuania and mom is from Ukraine, so we’ve always been fans of vodka. I was born in Brooklyn, and much of my family immigrated here so our roots in the borough are pretty deep. Growing up, my dad traveled a lot, especially to various eastern European and Scandinavian countries, so he collected vodkas from around the world and was always interested in the different forms it came in.
One day, we were driving down the Belt Parkway and he looked over at me and said, “we should make our own vodka.” I guess he had realized how much he knew about it and how much he’d loved exploring it over the years, so I turned back and said, “definitely, but we have to do it here in Brooklyn.” At that time, no one else was making vodka in Brooklyn, so we were really excited to jump into the local craft community that was missing one of the world’s most popular spirits.
We hit shelves in 2011 and it’s been amazing ever since. People really love Brooklyn and they’ve really embraced our local, family-run brand. Since then, we’ve rolled out multiple sizes of our classic vodka and the four flavors you tried at Cheers NY (Blueberry Coconut, Elderflower Apple, Lychee Lemon, and Passionfruit Pear). We’re sold all over NY state, as well as NJ and CT.
Our flavor combinations were done very intentionally. We looked around and saw lots of the same flavors and flavored vodkas that weren’t as smooth or left an aftertaste. So we combined our favorites to make varieties that really gave people something unique and inspired.

For example, apple is such an iconic NY ingredient, and we wanted to find a way to use it but there are already so many vodkas that make similar tasting apple flavors. At the same time. Elderflower is so popular with cocktails, but I’m not aware of any vodkas that use it as a primary note (that I’m aware of, at least not that I’ve seen locally). While I was visiting Europe, I noticed a lot of juices and cordials that combined Elderflower with apple juice to get that perfect sweetness, so it clicked that we should try blending them and that ultimately led to our flavor.

Brooklyn Republic is now the only vodka found in my home and the only bottle of liquor I brings to parties! You can pick up your own bottle at many locations locally (check their website) and take my word when I say that once you try Brooklyn Republic you will NEVER go back to that other stuff that you are drinking!

Keep On Keeping On


PS IF THERE ARE ANY TYPOS I APOLOGIZE! WordPress is not working on my computer right now so this was all types out on my phone! As soon as I have computer access I’ll fix it all up

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