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Why Hello There! It has been a while since I blogged last due to family coming in to visit from Florida but it is now Monday morning it is time to get back into the swing of things. Since cold season is very quick approaching, I decided to get back into my Manuka Honey regiment (a tablespoon a day), a few years back I had done this and since this kind of honey is great for your immune system it seemed like I had less sick days. If you have been keeping up with my blog posts from the beginning you will know that I had an awful experience with the flavor of the Manuka honey that I was taking, so this year I am on the hunt for a brand that I like. So far I have found 2 brands Watson& Son is my number 1 for sure and my number 2 will be included in an upcoming blog. You may be able to tell by the name of the company, but this is a family business that is ran by  2 brothers in New Zealand. I personally love to see family businesses because you know that their products are held to the highest standards and are full of love and passion. I grabbed a little info off of their website about the brothers…

People say he’s a chip off the old block and Dan Watson will reluctantly admit he’s got more than a little in common with his ‘old man’.He grew up being chucked in the back of his Dad’s truck for whatever the adventure was for that day. He soon learnt to love New Zealand for all the same reasons as his Dad.  While they share a love of nature, hunting and chemistry ‘Dan the Dreamer’ as his Dad calls him has a more light-hearted, fun approach to life.It was his natural curiosity saw him peering into beehives as a child. Years of hands-on learning with his Dad have helped form the excellent beekeeper he has become today.Now overseeing the massive operation of Watson & Son’s 14,000 hives Dan manages a team of beekeepers working in some of the most remote areas of New Zealand. The terrain is extreme, often requiring helicopters to move hives in and out.It’s challenging, backbreaking but meaningful work. Whether he’s navigating cliffs and bush in pursuit of honey or wild boars Dan’s love of the land remains strong. He will still go hunting and fishing as often as he can, and takes quiet pleasure in the fact that these days it’s his Dad trying to keep up with him!

Born 1954 in Wellington, New Zealand, Denis Watson is a proud descendent of the Maori Chief Kahungunu from the Ngati Kuri tribe.Scientist and nature lover, Denis discovered beekeeping at an early age.By his mid-twenties what started as a hobby had turned into hundreds of hives.He had an unconventional career teaching chemistry, hunting wild boars and beekeeping until 2006– the year of the Manuka breakthrough!The discovery of the unique antibacterial activity in Manuka honey was both scientifically and culturally significant to Denis.  He knew his ancestors had always revered the Manuka tree and would use it in many of their ancient remedies and tonics.  He immediately saw the healing potential for this taonga ‘treasure of the land’ and began his passionate pursuit of Manuka honey.Today Denis directs Watson & Son and ManukaMed – a medical company dedicated researching and developing products that utilize the unique properties in Manuka honey. These companies have become his life work and are a combination of everything he loves most: his homeland New Zealand, his people, science and nature.

When receiving my shipment of products, I was nervous to jump right in with a tablespoon of honey so I opted to try the honey drops first. I was extremely surprised at the taste and to be honest they were FANTASTIC. The box directed me to take 2 drops 1 directly after the other and I happily obliged. Test one….surely passed with flying colors, good job Watson & Son! The next morning it was time to face my fears and go for a tablespoon, with my past brand I used to gag on the honey every morning, I filled up a teaspoon and expected the worst but received the absolute best! The flavor of the honey was pleasant and not too overwhelming as I had experienced in the past and I was thrilled that this Manuka honey was one that I enjoyed and could consume without any issue. Test two….went even better than test 1! I am incredibly happy with the quality of honey and the flavor of honey from Watson & Son and to say that I recommend EVERYONE should try it is a far understatement.

Watson & Son Manuka Honey is harvested from some of the most remote and pristine regions of New Zealand from the flowers of our native Manuka tree. It is a unique taonga (treasure) of our land. Naturally occurring Methylglyoxal is an ingredient present in Manuka honey. We guarantee that all our Manuka honey is tested and verified for its Methylglyoxal content, measured in mg /kg.

That is just a statement from their website but if you read up on Manuka honey and see all of the health benefits you will be running to the store to pick some up and Watson & Son should be your brand of choice!  Keep posted to see the #2 on my list of Manuka honey but Watson & Son has won by a long shot!

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