Tumbador Chocolate

Tumbador® Chocolate was founded in 2005 as a Brooklyn-based private label confectionary manufacturer offering fine chocolates in fully tailored custom packages. The company thrived by developing strong local business-to-business partnerships with Fortune 100 companies, luxury hotels and resorts, gourmet markets and specialty food stores within the New York City area.Executive Pastry Chef Jean-François Bonnet chooses only the finest all natural ingredients for Tumbador® Chocolate’s premium product line. Chef Bonnet’s signature confections blend exotic fruits, spices and herbs with all-American ingredients, including peanuts, crispy rice and graham crackers.Our staff is as special and diverse as our products. Many members of the Tumbador® Chocolate family are given a second chance through community based programs such as Strive, Goodwill and The Fortune Society. Each and every Tumbador® Chocolate employee understands that he or she is an integral part of our growth and our success.As Tumbador® Chocolate approaches it’s tenth anniversary, we look back and celebrate our unwavering dedication to quality, our development of a Brooklyn Born Chocolate® company brand line, and last but hardly least, our ongoing dedication to establish new b2b partnerships on a local and national level.

HOLY FREAKING COW, I can not even put into words how amazing this chocolate truly is! I first ran across Tumbador at Cheers NY an event held in Brooklyn to promote local companies with a focus on wine/beer/spirits but has an entire room filled with food (a heavenly event for a foodie such as myself). At the event, Tumador was sampling their dark chocolate (so good that it can make your eyes roll back into your head) and their white chocolate infused with coffee. I am not a white chocolate lover but the woman at the booth urged me to try it because I would be surprised…and I was, the white chocolate was FANTASTIC! I am still a dark chocolate lover and that will always come first but their white chocolate infused with coffee gives dark chocolate some serious competition. I had the opportunity to try some of their other products and not one item that I tried disappointed me, I am sure you don’t want to hear about each and every item in my picture so I will make it short and sweet! The chocolate bars were made and packaged with such high quality compared to other chocolate bars you can find in stores, the flavors were all fantastic and each bar left me wishing that I hadn’t eaten it so fast because now it was gone! The pretzel poppers and chocolate covered animal crackers were the perfect snack and had quite a bit of servings (for me at least) each box was about 3 or 4 snacks for me and once again the flavors were AMAZING. The nut bar was yummy but did not measure up in any way to all of the chocolate goodness that was around it. The smores bar was fluffy and crunchy and THE BEST smores chocolate bar that I have ever had (some other chocolate shops make something like this but Tumbador captures the authenticity of a smore) Their “devil” cakes were better than a devil dog because of corse it was made with their fabulous chocolate. Theit snickerdoodle spread on vanilla ice cream is mind blowingly good, and their hot chocolate stick made for a fantastic cup of hot coco! I hope that that was short enough for you but there is no doubt that it was sweet enough! Besides the chocolate, I love the fact that it is made in Brooklyn therefore making it an extremely local company and as you all know by now, supporting the community is EXTREMELY important. To sum it all up in a nutshell, Tumbador is the best chocolate that you can get and we are incredibly lucky to have it right here in BROOKLYN! You can find their products at various locations throughout their area or on their online store so make sure to eat up and enjoy the heaven that is Tumbador. I feel it necessary to point out before I wrap up this post that I have only tried a handful of their items but they create MANY more, so if nothing that I mentioned sounds appealing to you (which would be a problem) check out their website to see a full list of their products. I look forward to trying out some more products…I mean who DOESNT like chocolate!

I will leave you with a short bio on the chef that is responsible for it all…

Jean-François Bonnet was born and raised in Fréjus, a small town in the South of France. His passion for pastry awoke in childhood, when the daily aroma of freshly baked breads filled his family home above a local bakery.

Chef Bonnet received his formal culinary training under Michelin two-star Chef Philippe Da Silva at the Hostellerie des Gorges de Pennafort before relocating to the United States in 1999. Eager to share his unique vision with the New York community, Jean-François served as pastry chef at several culinary powerhouses including Monkey Bar, Cello and the Ritz Carlton’s L’Atelier.

In 2003, world-renowned chef Daniel Boulud invited Jean-François to become Executive Pastry Chef at his legendary flagship restaurant Daniel. Chef Boulud notes that Chef Bonnet “has the technique of an artisan and the creativity of an artist.  He combines it with simplicity and respect for delicate flavors and textures.”  During his years at Daniel, Jean-François was twice listed among Dessert Professional Magazine’s “Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America,” first in 2005 and again in 2006.  In 2005, Chef Bonnet opened the Brooklyn-based chocolatier Tumbador® Chocolate with his business partner Michael Altman.

The company’s signature confections blend exotic fruits, spices and herbs with all-American ingredients including peanuts, crispy rice and graham crackers.

For Jean-Francois, Tumbador® Chocolate is a labor of creativity and passion. His enthusiasm for blending classic American confections with artisan sensibilities is reflected in each distinctive recipe he creates.

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