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If you want quality product sometimes it requires a little extra work, and in this case it means ordering online. These products are not available locally for use New Yorkers but is more than readily available for purchase via the online store. I am going to include quite a lengthy quote below discussing the company and its background, I do not usually uncles such a lengthy introduction to the company but this is a worthwhile read so just hang in there…

Urban Remedy is a line of raw, ready-to-eat snacks, meals, cold-pressed juices and energy boosting tinctures. Every product we make blends cutting-edge nutrition with Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer you deeply healing elixirs and edibles that taste as delicious as they are effective.

Urban Remedy was founded by licensed acupuncturist, herbalist,and certified Chinese nutritionist Neka Pasquale, with the idea that a healthy diet equals vibrant health. Neka grew up with Jewish and Italian grandmothers, who shared a love of everything food related. She credits both women with her present-day passion for cooking.

In 2012, supermodel Cindy Crawford was introduced to Urban Remedy juices by a friend. She was so taken with the juices—and with Neka’s authenticity, passion, and deep knowledge— that she signed on as a partner and brand ambassador. Inspired by her own belief that knowledge is the key to self-empowerment, Cindy is using her platform to educate her audience about Urban Remedy so they too can access a trusted health resource and enjoy well-balanced food that tastes great. Neka and Cindy are passionate about sharing their combined insight on health and wellness with the world.

Urban Remedy was created with a simple philosophy: food is healing. We incorporate this into all of our certified organic juice cleanses, shakes, and snacks. Urban Remedy uses only certified organic ingredients, sourced directly from farms.

After juicing for over a decade, Neka Pasquale witnessed dramatic changes in patients after 3-5 days—a transformative experience that underscored her understanding of the healing benefits of live, raw foods. Neka began experimenting and creating live, raw foods, salad dressings, and wholesome juices as the genesis of Urban Remedy. Born by popular demand, Urban Remedy morphed into a focused juice business as her clients reported they didn’t have time to wash and juice produce then clean up afterwards, multiple times a day. Now, with Urban Remedy, fresh juice is as easy as opening the fridge.

Urban Remedy offers only certified organic foods and drinks. Let your taste buds celebrate in our gluten-free, raw, and vegan selections.

We combine the best superfoods in perfectly crafted recipes to ensure the best nutrients for your body. With unique ingredients like E3 live, dandelion greens, and burdock root, our juices flood your body with vital nutrients not found in other juice cleanses.

Urban Remedy does not add sugar or excess fruit juices to mask the beautiful bouquet of our natural juices. Once our juice is in its final packaging, we use High-Pressure Processing (HPP) to preserve maximum nutrition and freshness. A high level of cool pressure is applied to inactivate any pathogens, preserving all the natural vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients. We take care to keep juices low on the glycemic index. We incorporate the stevia leaf (popular in ancient Chinese medicine) to lightly sweeten our delicious lemonades.

SEE! I told you that it was a worthwhile read! Now onto my personal experience…the first thing that I tried out wad the collard wrap. I had just gotten home from the gym and figured that It would serve as the perfect lunch…it sure was! First off the meal was completely raw and full of flavor which sometime I find that raw food is not. The meal was crunchy and delicious and more surprisingly filled me up and left me feeling content!  I was excited to try out their take on the cold brew coffee with almond milk but unfortunately after taking only 1 sip the bottle plummeted to the floor and was not able to be saved (I one sip I did have was delicious though but I wish that I was able to fully try it out and enjoy the tastes). The juices were delicious and the smoothie was fantastic. The snacks were also delicious and was a wonderful treat to have while still being healthy. My favorite by far was the banana brittle (YOU NEED TO TRY IT) and if you are looking to be a little less healthy I think that it would taste delicious on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. All around, the products that I tried were all of extremely high quality in both flavor, ingredients and packaging. Like I said before, all of their products are available via their online store and you should definitely consider placing an order! If you are looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle or continue to maintain your healthy lifestyle Urban Remedy is the company for you. They also off a $15 coupon for you to use on your first purchase, even more of a reason to place an order!

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