Bessie’s Best

YUMMY! When you think about October do you think about pumpkin everything? I am a HUGE pumpkin lover and a slice of pumpkin bread along with a steaming cup of coffee is the perfect combination, but submerge that pumpkin bread in decadent chocolate and you have taken things to a whole new level! While Bessie’s Best creates many products, the chocolate dipped breads are my favorite and no other bakery that I have come across does this!  When asking about the company this was the information that I received…

In 2009 my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  The treatments were so toxic she barely ate, lost weight almost daily and at a certain point became too thin to stand. She was even confined to a wheel chair for a bit. As cliched as it sounds, I had a dream that I should make banana bread. I woke up, researched and baked a few recipes.  I hated them. So, I started to develop my own recipe. Friends, family members and coworkers were incredibly supportive.  Those folks ate all of my mistakes and gave me great feedback for improving my recipes.  They also showered me with light and love throughout my journey of cancer caregiving and the creation of Bessie’s Best.  My mother was finally able to eat the bread and so were some of her friends and others we met along the way who were also undergoing chemotherapy. Nowadays mom chops the walnuts, mashes the bananas and reminds me not to forget the vanilla.

It was important to me to create a product that everyone may enjoy and
afford. My grains aren’t harvested from mystical wheat fields and the
bananas aren’t plucked by the tender fingertips of infant koalas (do
they even grow bananas in Australia?). It’s just a good old fashioned
recipe of basic ingredients with no preservatives, additives and zero
trans fat. I also wanted it to be made with ingredients grown and
produced in the USA. So, I use sugar, flour, vanilla and butter from
US companies. I haven’t found a US banana (or koala) producer yet but
I’m looking.

Bessie was my grandmother’s nickname. She was greatly loved and
cherished by family, friends and just about anyone who spent more than
a second and a half in her company. I wanted a piece of that love and
grandmotherly goodness to be infused in every loaf I baked.

I love this story and it hits close to home seeing as my dad passed away from lung cancer in 2006 and I saw first hand all of the struggles that come along with the side effects of treatment. This beautiful story was the perfect start for a business that brings joy to the taste buds of many. I was able to try out a few of Bessie’s Best products and trust me when I tell you that they are all bakes with love. You can taste the passion and dedication that goes into every loaf of bread and every single cookie. The company makes a wide variety of breads from a full size loaf, to a mini loaf, and even a little bite-sized loaf (the cutest thing you will see) the flavors are also very traditional with selections like banana nut, pumpkin, and banana chocolate chip (for more flavors check the website) every bite of Bessie’s breads are moist and the perfect consistency. The cookies are also fabulous and even has a cookie with chocolate and bacon on it! Bessie’s products are perfect for the upcoming holidays and even good to send to your children away at college, elderly parents that need a pick me up, or relatives that live too far away. Sending some Bessie’s is like sending some love. Check the website for prices and flavors and enjoy tasting the love and passion that is Bessie’s Best!

Keep On Keeping On


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