HOLY HOT CHOCOLATE! Have you ever had Mexican hot chocolate? I never had it up until now….I have tried HERNÁN Mexican hot chocolate and I will never go back to the powdered stuff that is sitting in my kitchen cabinet. This hot chocolate is prepared by placing a cup of milk in a pot along with a hefty square of chocolate , once fully melted the liquid can be frothed (or not) and served. It is a perfect drink now that the weather is getting cooler and your kids will absolutely LOVE it , I can not emphasize enough how delicious it is and it sure shows (on their website 2 of the 3 forms of hot chocolate are sold out). If you are a chocolate lover then you need to hurry to their website to order some before its all gone (until restocked). Now lets move on to the mole, I am a huge fan of Mexican food but never have the patience to make it on my own from scratch but this mole helps bring a taste of Mexican food to by meals easily. The mole pipian is flavorful and delicious, the wonderful thing is that you can use it as a salsa or you can use it to flavor any dish that needs a little bit of Mexican flair. The consistency of the pipian is a little less thick then the poblano making it easy to add to any recipe you desire (You can even add some into your guacamole) . The Poblano is a flavor unlike anything I have ever had and the chocolaty flavor surely shines though! This mole is a thicker one and was perfect on my chicken, this mole packed such a punch of flavor that all I had to do was pair the chicken with some rice and the meal was complete! While both were fantastic, I would go for the Poblano if I had to choose my favorite. The spicy chocolate sauce that is created when adding some water to it is absolutely amazing and will go well on any protein that you choose. All of the products that I have tried by Hernan have been nothing but authentic and you can taste the love and passion in all of their products. On their website it explains a little bit about how Hernan came to be and why their products taste so authentic.

HERNÁN LLC was founded in 2007 by Isela Hernandez. Originally from Del Rio, Texas, Isela grew up in the small town along the US-Mexico border, just minutes away from Cuidad Acuña, Coahuila. She was raised in the best of both worlds, exploring the opportunities of the US while remaining closely connected to Mexico’s rich culture.

After 8 years in the fashion industry in New York and Los Angeles, Isela moved back to her hometown where she became active in community development work.

There, she worked on the revitalization of Del Rio’s economically depressed downtown district, an area that serviced both locals but mainly Mexican nationals. It became clear that the economic health of Del Rio was directly linked, if not dependent, on the vitality of their sister city across the border in Mexico.

Inspired by this experience, Isela was determined to find a way to use her business acumen to influence others in her home community. After returning to New York, she worked at the Synergos Institute, an international non-governmental organization with a program specifically designed to address philanthropy along the US-Mexico border.

The idea for HERNÁN developed after a trip to Guerrero, Coahuila. During this trip, while contemplating the vast Mexican landscape, Isela decided to use her experience as a merchant to start a business with socially responsible underpinnings that would capitalize on the popularity of Mexican cuisine and culture.

The HERNÁN kitchenware line was launched in the spring of 2007. It targets gourmet and foodies whose discerning tastes appreciate the quality and authentic nature of the products.

Today HERNÁN products continue to encompass a respect for Mexican traditional design with a functional and contemporary sensibility. The goal is to open up new markets for artisans and producers that would normally not have an audience outside of Mexico. To address issues on both sides of the border closer to home, a percentage of profits will be invested in the HERNÁN foundation in Del Rio, Texas. HERNÁN is headquartered in Del Rio, Texas.

The story is a wonderful one an if reading that excerpt from their page didn’t inspire you to check out their website and purchase some products then I hope that this blog post did! You can purchase any of their products on their website, if you are unsure of what to try out first trust me when I say……GET THE HOT CHOCOLATE! The mole is wonderful but the winner of my taste test would be the hot chocolate!!!!!

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