Seeing that it is the 2nd day of Autumn and the weather is getting cooler, it is time to break out the foods that warm you up from the inside out. For a while now I have been looking for an alternative to oatmeal, don’t get me wrong, I love a good bowl of oatmeal but after a while I need to take a break from it. Cocomama is the maker of an absolutely delicious line of quinoa cereal that can be eaten right out of the package or microwaved to the temperature that you prefer. I love quinoa but I could not imagine having it in a breakfast cereal form, what a surprise when I realized that is was even better than oatmeal and packed a lot more nutrients than plain old oatmeal! The flavor options are amazing especially the banana bread flavor, If you follow my blog you can see that all seasonal and fall products are my favorite and banana bread falls into the category. Cocomama does not only produce this delectable single serve quinoa cereal  but they also make yummy snack clusters. I have used these quinoa clusters crushed up in my yogurt (like granola) and I have also had them as a snack right out of the bag and they are delicious. Along with Cocomama’s fabulous products they also have a wonderful page on their website with loads of healthy recipes and to my joy there are plenty of seasonal recipes there too! Cocomama is all around a great company from their products to their website. You can purchase their products online and at whole foods (also check their website to see if any other stores near you carry Cocomama). I absolutely recommend their products, you can chow down on quinoa any time of the day and after trying out Cocomama I am sure you will!

Keep On Keeping On


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