Island Creek Oyster Bar

I am back from my Boston adventure and ready to share an AMAZING find with you. While looking for the best clam chowder in the area we came across Island Creek Oyster Bar. We were looking for a place with great chowder and a romantic environment to celebrate a special event and Island Creek was a perfect fit. We were not looking to have a 4 course meal we just wanted some chowder and dessert seeing as after dinner we were going to explore the nightlife and did not want to be uncomfortably full. The environment inside of the restaurant was absolutely gorgeous, candles on the tables baskets of wine, and the most wonderful aspect was the walls made up of  stacked oyster shells! We did not have one server but 2, the restaurant does that to ensure quality service and constant attention, it was wonderful. We ordered our chowder and before even taking a bite the smell of it took me aback, it smelled so flavorful that I was excited to take a bite. Well….I have found the best chowder on the face of this earth and it is at Island Creek Oyster Bar! The chowder was full of HUGE chunks of clam (unlike other chowders that have tiny pieces) and bacon cubes that made the whole dish smoky and flavorful. I would absolutely drive the 4 hours back to Boston JUST for the chowder at Island Creek. After finishing the chowder, it was on to the dessert menu which was of corse full of delectable sounding desserts but instead of choosing the usual chocolate filled desert we went for something unique. A blueberry Sunday made with fresh Maine blueberries and…..wait for it….SWEET CORN ICE CREAM! How unique and exciting does that sound!?!?! While it may seem strange, the corn ice cream paired with the blueberries and what tasted like graham cracker crumbs or something similar was absolutely mind blowingly fantastic! I can whole heartedly say that it was the best desert that I have ever had while out at a restaurant. While we did not try out the entrees or any of the raw bar that they offer I can absolutely recommend this restaurant if you are ever in the Boston area. It is the total package…great service, beautiful environment, and FANTASTIC food. We will definitely be back, and you should make a trip there too!

Keep On Keeping On


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