Boston Beer Works

Here is to another wonderful Boston find! While exploring the area surrounding Fenway Park ( I have no idea how a couple of Yankee fans like us ended up there), we came across Boston Beer Works and figured we would go in for a nice cold beer. Boston Beer Works brews their own beers and it is always a pleasure to try out something made locally, I got an Irish stout and my boyfriend went for an IPA, both were absolutely delicious and very refreshing. Since we arrived close to closing we were unable to really experience all that BBW had to offer so we returned the next day for lunch. Here is where the foodie in me is going to come out, the love that I had for the meal that I ate was immense! I ordered pierogis with bratwurst and it was absolutely fantastic, and cooked to perfection! The flavors of everything on my plate including the onions and the sour cream went together so wonderfully that once my meal was finished I contemplated getting an order to go so I could experience the meal all over again later on (I did not end up doing that). While my boyfriend had some issues with his meal being cold and not cooked properly the flavors of his dish (steak and eggs with home fries) were wonderful. This restaurant/bar is a perfect place for anything from brunch to a late night hang out and I would definitely recommend stopping by if you are ever in the area.

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2 thoughts on “Boston Beer Works

  1. Thanks for the information…I am a Boston fan and am happy to see we can come to an agreement on things not related to baseball. I am no longer in New England and I miss it terribly. Glad to know there is another place to try, when I get back there for a visit! You have been Heard!


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