Tea Time

To follow my previous post about the fall season beginning, I feel like it is an absolute must to let you in on another love of mine…TEA! I never was a big fan of tea until I started college and since then I have become a tea addict, last year I received this personal tea brewer as a gift and i can not even explain how fantastic it is. This product is made by Teavana which is a company that is a part of the Starbucks brand, so you know that their products are of good quality. This brewer is so simple to use, drop some loose-leaf tea into the container and then some boiling water, let steep and then sit on top of an empty mug. The pressure of the mug underneath the brewer pushes up the bottom part and the freshly brewed tea comes streaming out and perfectly filtered. If you are looking for a single cup loose-leaf brewer THIS is the one to get! I am a big fan of loose leaf tea because to me it gives a fresher and cleaner taste, but don’t get me wrong I have my fair share of bagged teas in which 2 of my favorite brands are Traditional Medicinals and Yogi Tea. Both brands create tea that focuses on specific aspects of your health may it be anxiety/stress or the flu they have a tea for you. If you are in the market for some bagged tea you have to check out Traditional Medicinals and Yogi Tea because they are the best on the market that I have found and worth a try. If you are looking for some loose-leaf tea you can try out Teavana with a HUGE selection of flavors that you can mix and match to create your own personal flavor, no matter what your preference, they have a tea for you. Personally, I love their chi teas as well as a youthberry tea that is fantastic iced! I am always looking for new tea flavors and brands so to all you tea lovers out there that are reading this….PLEASE let me know about your awesome tea finds.

Keep On Keeping On



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