I Heart Keenwah

If you are looking for a delicious alternative to your ordinary movie snacks or snacks for your kids lunch boxes I Heart Keenwah makes delicious quinoa puffs and of which sea salt truffle is my favorite. These crunchy and flavorful quinoa puffs are a great alternative to the many unhealthy snacks out there, they taste great, are great for you, and are GLUTEN FREE! Many people out there are gluten-free, either by choice or due to a medical condition and I know that finding something gluten-free that is delicious and does not leave your mouth with a cardboard like after taste is hard. I Heart Keenwah truly hit the nail on the head when creating their quinoa puffs, they are the perfect treat for anyone young or old. I didn’t think that the company could possibly come up with a better product than their quinoa puffs but i was wrong…QUINOA CLUSTERS! The quinoa clusters are the most delicious things I have come across in a while and I am OBSESSED with them now! They are crunchy and chewy at the same time and packed full of flavor my favorite flavor of course being the one drizzled with chocolate (yum). A snack made of quinoa may be strange sounding to many but I Heart Keenwah explains it perfectly on their website.

after touring bolivia and learning about the versatility of an awesome little seed called quinoa, ravi fell in love with the idea of making quinoa into a ready-to-eat snack. he sold a few friends on the idea, and i heart keenwah was born. they toiled for hours in the kitchen, mixing quinoa with other all-natural ingredients and finally crafting a crunchy, sweet treat: the quinoa cluster.

creating a ready-to-eat quinoa snack made us really think about what is important about the food we eat. i heart keenwah made it its mission from the beginning to have a short ingredients list, with items that were easy to recognize. this is one of the pillars of i heart keenwah’s values. we stand by minimally processed food that maintains its nutrition content. in short, we want real food!

You can find I Heart Keenwah products at various grocery stores throughout the area as well as online via their website. They have tons of flavors to try out and you should definitely attempt to try them all! For those of you that are gluten-free and those of you that are not this snack is perfect for ALL so give it a shot!

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