Daily Greens

IT IS OFFICIAL…I HAVE FOUND THE BEST GREEN JUICE ON THE PLANET! I am the person who likes green juice ONLY when it is juiced by me, but as we all know, juicing is time-consuming and cleaning a juicer takes forever. I have found a few brands that have been tolerable (I chug it down super quick) but daily greens is actually enjoyable! Every flavor was better than the last and I can’t even tell you which one was my favorite because….THEY ALL ARE! The juices are all a unique blend of fruits and veggies with a super unique extra in each such as turmeric root, Madagascar vanilla, basil, or Himalayan pink sea salt  The story behind this company is also a beautiful one and their website says it better than I ever can

At the age of 33, our founder, Shauna Martin, was diagnosed with breast cancer. With a young family to care for, Shauna struggled to recover from the trauma of multiple surgeries and the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

Nine years clear, Shauna attributes her complete recovery from breast cancer in part, to her current healthy lifestyle, which includes her regimen of drinking a green juice every day. Shauna decided that she wanted to share this life-enriching habit and spread the good word about drinking your vegetables.

SEE ITS A BEAUTIFUL STORY! Go Shauna for kicking cancer’s butt! So besides the story being great, the product is absolutely out of this universe and I can tell you with 100% confidence that this will be the ONLY green juice that I will be purchasing from now on! Besides a classic green juice, Daily Greens also makes chia infused green juices, green infused hemp milks, and “half pint” which is a cold pressed smoothie (forgot to mention that their products are all cold pressed). I have not tried the other products Daily Greens make but I’m sure that they are all fantastic. You can pick up Daily Greens at tons of different locations throughout the area (just check their site) and you can also purchase their products online. I can not stress enough how absolutely fantastic Daily Greens juices are so you just need to pick some up and witness the magic for yourself!

Keep On Keeping On



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