can you say YUM!?!?!?!?! I am a huge fan of coffee concentrate because it is an affordable way to always have fresh cold brewed coffee because 1 bottle lasts at least a week for me. When I came across Pickett’s and learned about their ginger beer syrup I got super excited seeing at 1 bottle of syrup makes up to 96 oz of soda, all you have to do is mix it up with some seltzer water! I received my shipment of Pickett’s today and could not wait to try it out, I went with the medium spicy because I am saving the hotter one for my cocktails later on (but I did give it a little taste because I could not resist and BOY IS IT SPICY) . On the bottle, It recommends a 5 : 1 ratio when mixing with seltzer but since I did not really measure I just let putting in the syrup drop by drop until I reached my desired taste. WHAT A FANTASTIC PRODUCT! This product is not quite ginger ale tasting nor is it too much of a classic ginger beer taste, they have a flavor of their own and it is absolute perfection. To be honest I think I am hooked,  and I am already dreading my bottles running low because I don’t want to be without my daily dose of gingery goodness. This company is a family business made up of 3 brothers, on their website it says

The oldest Jim has been in the NYC beer, wine, and spirit forefront for nearly two decades after many years in the service industry.  Jim has played a large role in the launch and marketing of many prominent brands in the New York metropolitan area.

Brother number two, Bob is a GABF award winning brewer who spent time in kitchens producing sausages and charcuterie.  Bob now puts his efforts into the installation and maintenance of draught beer systems in NYC.

Then there’s the techie brother and resident spice-loving “pepper-head”, Matt.  Now a quality analyst and lifestyle blogger with a past stint in the service industry who will try anything his older brothers recommend or make for him.  Matt also handles all website duties for the company.

It is always nice to see a company that is made up of family and even nicer to see is that this company is in BROOKLYN!!! While the Pickett brothers were  born in Cleveland, Ohio us Brooklynites are extremely lucky that the Pickett’s as well as their fantastic Ginger Beer Syrup. You can find Pickett’s at your local whole foods and fairway as well as on their website and some other specialty stores throughout the area. OH! I forgot to mention…you can even use Pickett’s to COOK and use in any recipe that calls for ginger (they have suggested recipes on their site). The possibilities are endless when Pickett’s is in your fridge,  pick some up and I know you will enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Keep On Keeping On



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