Nine Pin

September is the start of my favorite season……AUTUMN! And with autumn comes……CIDER SEASON! I am a huge fan of cider both alcoholic and non- alcoholic but my favorite cider in the alcoholic category is Nine Pin Ginger! What a gem this is, by now you should know of my passion for ginger but if not, I am a fanatic! Nine Pin not only produces my all time favorite cider but they are also a NEW YORK company (YAYYYYY) out of Albany. While reading a little bit more about them on their website I came across a few flavors that I now am on a mission to try out (Hunny Pear, Blueberry, and Fruit Of The Forest). While I have only tried out Nine Pin’s ginger and signature, I am almost positive that the rest of their line is just as good and maybe even better than the ones that I have tried. If you are ever up in the Albany area, Nine Pin has a tasting room as well as food trucks so check them out. For those of you that don’t plan on getting up to Albany anytime soon , check out their website to see where it is sold near you. If you are a cider lover who is also a ginger lover like me, Nine Pin Ginger is the cider for you!

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