Califia Farms

If you are looking for a quick on the go coffee with no brewing or preparation involved I have found it for you! I first came across Califia when I was looking for a new almond milk to try out a while back, I very quickly fell in love with their almond milk and it is now the only brand I purchase. When I saw that they also made cold brew coffee with their almond milk it was a no brainer to pick some up to try. Their coffee is GREAT and you wouldn’t expect it from a company that does not specialize or focus on the coffee industry. The wonderful thing about this coffee is that you don’t have to brew or prepare (mix in milk and sugar) it is all right there made for you and of course you can tweak it to your liking. While doing some research on the company I came across other products that I had no idea they made like coffee creamers, juice, and some seasonal products. I have only tried their almond milk and coffee but hopefully will get a chance to try their seasonal products (I LOVE SEASONAL PRODUCTS) as well as their juices and coffee creamers. You can find Califia products in your local grocery store, so pick up some up and fall in love.

Keep On Keeping On



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