Pura Fruta

Good Morning! This morning I started my day with a bottle of Pura Fruta…how did you start yours? I came across this company as I was looking for new Brooklyn made products to try out and to share with you, what a nice find this was! The first juice that I tried out was the honeydew and was shocked at the flavor, it was as if I was eating a honeydew melon instead of drinking a juice the flavor was incredibly fresh and incredibly flavorful. Out of the 6 flavors that I have tried, passion fruit and pineapple were by far my favorite, I love tropical flavors and these 2 are perfect, if you close your eyes and take a sip you can almost transport yourself to somewhere beautiful and beach-side. Pura Fruta offers a wide variety of flavors (I have only tried the 6 pictured above) they have a few non traditional flavors such as tamarind and cucumber which seem interesting and quite possibly a fabulous change of pace to your usual juice game.

Pura Fruta is a family owned business from Costa Rica, started a little over 2 years ago with the intention to provide the best cold pressed juice to the people. All of our juices are handmade, in small batches, we don’t add any preservatives or sugar to them. We want people to savor the real flavor of the fruit, that’s why there is no mixing. We carefully select the fruits, if they don’t qualify to be juiced we return it to the market. we only use what’s the best in season.

You can find Pura Fruta in Whole Foods but even better you can purchase the juice online with FREE LOCAL DELIVERY IN NYC! This juice is worth a try because I am sure you will become a frequent customer of the company, they are a fantastic company and it is clear that they love what they do! I know that the whole point of cold pressed juices is the health benefits, but I can not end this post without pointing out how AMAZING these juices would taste in a cocktail, I have not tried it out yet but bet your bottom dollar I will be in the near future!

Keep On Keeping On



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