Well…I found another great switchel! I have been so used to drinking plain old switchel that I was shocked to see that CideRoad had a cherry and blueberry flavor. I picked up a bottle of the blueberry switchel in NYC after I got motion sickness on a bus right before I was due for an interview hoping that the ginger would calm my stomach and my nerves. Since I am so used to the spiciness of the  switchel that I both brew and purchase it was a nice treat to have a switchel that was less “severe” in taste. Don’t get me wrong I love my “severe” tasting switchel but every one in a while it is nice to have something more mellow…and CideRoad is it! I have not tried their cherry flavor or original and have not seen it around since my trip into the city ( maybe I am not looking hard enough!) but if you see it around try it out and enjoy all that switchel has to offer.

Keep On Keeping On


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