If you are looking for the PERFECT summer/fall ice pop, I have found it for you (you’re welcome). First let me apologize for the condition of the box in the picture, Whole Foods did not really take too much care of this product and the boxes were either falling apart or completely iced over, I took the most attractive picture that I could. lets forget about the box and get into the pops….yummy is all that I can say! These are the best ice pops that I have ever come across in my 22 years of life, they are specialty brewed and have yummy and unique flavors.

Brewla Bars are available for purchase in single-flavor boxes of five and retail between $4.99-$5.99 per box. Below is a list of flavors available for store purchase:

THE HERO (cherry pomegranate red tea plus zinc, vitamin B, and vitamin C)

THE LUAU (tropical fruits white tea plus electrolytes)

THE LIFEGUARD (strawberry hibiscus plus zinc and vitamin C)

THE DOCTOR (craft brewed root beer float plus calcium)

THE LULLABY (peach ginger white tea plus L-theanine and chamomile)

The 2 flavors that I have tried (pictured above) was the lullaby and the hero and they were both fantastic but if I had to pick between the 2, the lullaby would be the better one. The flavor is mellow and tasty with the perfect mixture of flavors. When looking at the ingredients of the pops you can see that not only are they delicious, but they are good for you too! By including vitamins and nutrients into their ice pops, Brewla is getting you your healthy stuff in a fun and delicious way. On Brewla’s website they state…

Our boldly flavored ice pops combine great taste and an infusion of beneficial nutritional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants. Flavors include refreshing natural fruit juices and brewed beverages such as caffeine-free white tea, cold brew coffee and even craft brewed root beer. The ice pops contain only 20-50 calories per bar and a mere 3-10 grams of sugar. They contain no artificial ingredients, are gluten-free, and non-GMO project verified.

You can pick up a box of Brewla pops at different stores throughout the area including Whole Foods and Fairway, before running out to the store check out the Brewla website to find a retailer closest to you. They also have request forms on their site so you can request for your local store to start carrying these fantastic treats. Next time you need a little pick me up or a cool down pick up a Brewla pop and chill out.

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