Salt Of The Earth Bakery

HOLY COW WHAT A TREAT! While looking for locally made BROOKLYN items to feature on my blog I came across Salt Of The Earth’s website which stated..

Salt of the Earth Bakery is an artisanal baked goods company devoted to elevating the snacking experience. Our joy in life is reimagining classic treats, which is why we pair all of our goodies with handpicked sea salts and exotic spices. Our creations are the result of countless rounds of tastes and tests, and nothing goes into production unless it is simply the best we have ever eaten.

I was excited to see that they enjoyed what they did and that it was their “joy in life” and even more excited to try out their products. WHAT A TREAT! I made a little sampling dish for myself full of different baked goods made by Salt Of The Earth and sat down to try it all out. Each bite was better than the last, I am not going to bore you by describing ever single product but you will not be disappointed with any of them! My favorite cookie was the “Wild Oat”, their own twist on the oatmeal raisin cookie containing raisins spices and sea salt . My favorite brownie was the “Kona” made with chocolate, espresso, and sea salt. The common thread amongst the products is that they all contain sea salt (hence the name of the company), Salt Of The Earth only uses the best natural ingredients when making their products. Their chocolate is all 100% fair trade and their packaging is recyclable,  another cool thing to point out is that all of their products are certified Kosher.  A major thing that makes this Bakery stand out  is the salt being a consistent across all of their products, it creates a unique and delicious taste that puts them a step above the rest. Their products are made well, packaged well, and truly cared about from start to finish and you can tell in the taste of everything made by them. Finally, I need to discuss the owner and executive chef of this company Alexandra Joseph Rabbani, I have been in contact with her regarding her business and she has been nothing but wonderful,a company that is headed by a WOMAN who has a passion for what she does is a fabulous thing to see! Keep up the fantastic work! For those of you wondering where you can pick up these heavenly products, you can find them throughout the ti-state area and on the Salt Of The Earth website (they ship their product). I will list below some locations in the NYC area. TRY OUT THESE PRODUCTS ASAP, ITS DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

Keep On Keeping On



Cafe Madeline
1603 Cortelyou Road

First Place Provisions
414 Court Street

Gimme Coffee
495 Lorimer Street

Gimme Coffee
107 Roebling Street

Valley Shepherd
211 7th Avenue


301 West 56th Street  (8th Avenue)

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese
900 Broadway (@ 20th Street)

Blake & Todd 
52 Vanderbilt Aveue

Blake & Todd 
52 East 53rd Street

The Cafe Grind 
477 10th Avenue

Cafe Lalo
201 West 83rd Street (between Broadway & Amsterdam)

Gimme Coffee
228 Mott Street

Grace’s Marketplace
1299 2nd Avenue

Grand Hyatt Marketplace
109 East 42nd Street (between Park & Lexington)

Lucy’s Whey
Chelsea Market, 425 West 15th Street

Mrs. Green’s
585 Hudson Street

107 University Place (between 12th & 13th Streets) 

O Cafe
482 6th Avenue

O Cafe @ The New School
6 East 16th Street, 8th Floor

Pickler & Co
216 East 45th Street

340 East 86th Street (between 1st & 2nd)

Whole Foods Market – Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle (@ The Time Warner Center)

Whole Foods Market – TriBeCa 
270 Greenwich Street (@ Warren Street)

Whole Foods Market – Union Square
4 Union Square South (@ 14th Street)


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