Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes

It’s that time of the year again….COTTON CANDY GRAPES ARE BACK! I first came across cotton candy grapes last year and since then have waited patiently (an entire year) for them to return. This weekend when I went into whole foods to pick some up they were completely out, an employee let me know that they had gotten them in that morning and by noon they were all gone. I continued shopping (SO SAD THAT I COULDN’T HAVE MY GRAPES) and before leaving requested to have 2 lbs of grapes pulled aside for me when the next day’s shipment came in. FINALLY, I had my grapes and enjoyed the sweet, cold, deliciousness while watching a movie the following night. These grapes taste like…you guessed it…cotton candy! It is not a strong and overwhelming taste, and it is something that I’m sure people wait months to chow down on (I can not be the only one). Grapery is a company based out of California and have a whole line of interesting grapes from “gum drops” to “witches fingers” I have not seen any other grapes being sold by grapery except for their cotton candy grapes but am dying to try everything else that they have to offer! You can find cotton candy grapes at whole foods, wegmans, stop and shop ,and fresh direct so get out there and get your grapes before they are all gone and you have to wait an entire year to try them!

Keep On Keeping On


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