Beekman 1802 Champagne Jelly

I just got back from a trip to the Albany, Ny area  to visit a friend and check out the foodie scene up there. While in a town called Sharon Springs I came across a beautiful store by the name of Beekman 1802. If you don’t know the story of the Beekman boys I will give you a short rundown, they are 2 NYC guys who decided to buy a farm and live a healthier lifestyle. They have a tv show (I have not seen it but am definitely going to try to binge watch it! Seems pretty interesting) , memoir, best-selling cookbook, and Beekman products such as this delicious champagne jelly that I came across when visiting their store. The store itself was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, with a huge black front door and its walls decorated in painted molding, the store looked like it should be located in SOHO instead of the tiny town of Sharon Springs! While walking through the store full of soaps, body sprays and wonderful home decorations I came across some FOODIE THINGS. On sampling table sat a variety of different spreads and fudge sauces, I just had lunch and was not in the mood to try it all out so I decided I would choose the 1 that caught my eye CHAMPAGNE JELLY! Now, I have written about how I love potlicker wine jelly so seeing this champagne jelly excited me to no end. I scooped some out of the jar and onto a sampling spoon and what an explosion of taste! I was expecting the jelly to be mild and more jelly tasting then champagne tasting…I was wrong! It was like they took a bottle of champagne and poured it onto my sampling spoon, I had left my wallet in the car so I did not purchase a jar of this delicious stuff but after my wine jelly runs out I may consider ordering a jar online. If you are ever in the Sharon Springs area of NY please stop by this store and check out all they have to offer. If not, As mentioned before they have a website full of foodie and non foodie things to try out.

Keep On Keeping On


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