Traderspoint Creamery

ANOTHER YOGURT PACKAGED IN GLASS! So of corse the glass packaging is what drew me to this brand initially, but the flavor is what has kept me coming back for more. This company is based out of Indiana and is made with the best ingredients, they are certified organic, and ALL of their products are packaged in GLASS! As I mentioned in previous post, I suffer from gastrointestinal issues and anything that can help is always wonderful. This yogurt is packed full of probiotics and usually seems to help when my stomach is feeling not so wonderful. They have a variety of flavors but my favorite is the berry flavor it is absolutely heavenly and you can tell that the product is fresh and made from the best ingredients out there. Traders point Creamery welcomes visits to their location in Indiana, so if you are ever around pop in and let me know how it is! I but this yogurt at whole foods in Brooklyn but I am not sure where else it is carried. If you see some I recommend you try it, you may never go back to your old yogurt after trying this one!

Keep On Keeping On



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