Bearitos Cheddar Puffs

As a kid i LOVED Cheetos, as I got older I realized how bad they were for me and how many bad ingredients were in it. Last night I was craving something cheesy and delicious and came across Bearitos while looking for something to munch on while watching a movie. The ingredients were much better then Cheetos ever were and were much healthier, I purchased a bag expecting it to be a nice alternative to my childhood snack but had no idea how delicious they would be!  From the first bite I was hooked, between me and my movie partner the bag was gone by the end of the night (nothing to be proud of). While reading more about the company, I learned that

Bearitos® helps hungry and environmentally conscious consumers combat their cravings for delicious, healthy snacks. Made with all-natural ingredients, Bearitos® chips, sauces, beans and dips feature no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, making them the perfect choice to support a healthy and active lifestyle.

What a wonderful company to support by purchasing their products! If you are craving something cheesy light and crunchy, forget about your go to chips and pick up a bag of Bearitos Cheddar Puffs!

Keep On Keeping On



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