Gin Gins

As someone who suffers with chronic gastrointestinal issues, I am always looking for a safe and natural way to aid in my symptoms. We all know that ginger is the go to gastrointestinal helper so when I came across these ginger chews before I was leaving for an international trip I decided to purchase some to bring along. This “candy” works wonders! On my 2 week trip to the Dominican Republic (1 week in a resort, 1 week traveling through the country) I had encountered many problems with my stomach from pain and heartburn to motion sickness. A few Gin Gins and some nice cold water almost always was able to help me get through the issue . If you have read my previous posts, you know that I am a huge fan of ginger, the fact that it tastes great and is beneficial to me is wonderful. This product is made by a company called “The Ginger People” (there can not be a better name then that) and they produce all kinds of products from cooking sauces to beverages. Before moving home to Brooklyn, I discovered APPLE gin gins and fell in love! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find them again since moving home but with hope and keeping an eye out I am sure that they will come back into my life eventually. If you are out and see any of their products give them a try! While I have not tried anything but the original and apple gin gins I am sure that this company produces only the best products….I mean come on their name is THE GINGER PEOPLE!  And if you find those apple gin gins in the area LET ME KNOW They do sell them online but I would rather purchase them from a store.

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