Up Mountain Switchel

I am a HUGE fan of switchel not only because it tastes fantastic but also because it it more refreshing and hydrating then any sports drink out there by far. Switchel was originally created to rehydrated farmers and those working on the fields on long hot days but recently it has made a comeback in the foodie world. Up Mountain was born in a barn in Vermont but is being raised right here in BROOKLYN (Bushwick to be exact) this company is one of the local companies that has really mastered what they do! Since switchel is made with vinegar, it is very easy to end up with something tasting absolutely awful when brewing a batch (trust me I have tried and failed) but Up Mountain has got it right. They have a few flavors like lemon and yerba mate but they don’t stray far from their original flavor (my fav). The drink is packaged in glass mason jar type bottles (my fav) and can be repurposed once you are finished with your drink. I use my jars to store coffee, sugar, and any other stuff I need a container for. I recommend trying this asap if you have not already, the drink may be too strong for you at first but if that is the case, mix half a glass of switchel with half a glass of seltzer. The seltzer will not only dilute the switchel but it will turn it into a fizzy bubbly glass of goodness. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do!

Keep On Keeping On



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