Taste Of Belgium

ANOTHER FABULOUS FIND WHILE IN CINCINNATI! Taste Of Belgum is a local restaurant serving up everything from crapes to you guessed it BELGIUM WAFFLES. This restaurant was recommended to me and I was told that I could not go home to Brooklyn without trying the chicken and waffles at Taste Of Belgium. I can’t ever pass up trying a local foodie gem so off I went, first off the coffee was out of this world! I was not expecting for the coffee to be as fantastic as it was, they have their own Belgium coffee that they use their and I wish I purchased some bags of coffee to bring home with me before I left. When the chicken and waffles came out I was taken back by the smell, there is hot sauce on the chicken and maple syrup on the waffle and together the aroma is both confusing and incredibly satisfying.Up until then, I had never had chicken and waffles anywhere so I had no idea what to expect but boy was it fantastic. Each aspect of the meal ALONE was delicious but when put together it became one of the best meals I have had in my life. Besides the fabulous meal, I was super excited to see that the maple syrup that they use in their restaurant is LOCAL and made right there in Ohio. If you are traveling to the area you HAVE to stop and try this dish out! If you are gluten-free the crapes  all gluten-free and fabulous ( I tried a bite of the crape too).

Keep On Keeping On



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