Mc. Craw’s Taffy

While on a road trip, I happened to stop at a small shop in a random town in Pennsylvania and happened to come across Mc.Craw’s Taffy. I had never seen a flat taffy and I am a huge taffy fan so the sight of it made me so excited and I decided to purchase it! While driving though Pennsylvania and snacking on my taffy I was in bliss, the taffy was delicious and chewy and a little taste of heaven. The packaging was beautiful and old-fashioned making me feel like what I was eating was hand-made specifically for me (I love that feeling). After looking more into this product, I learned that a company named Hammond’s Candies makes this product out of Denver, Colorado where they have their very own factory. I have heard of Hammond’s Candies before but have never tried any of their products up until now. They are also well-known for their candy canes and  I am sure that you have seen them around during the holiday season. This product far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to trying some more of their products (I have a major sweet tooth). So, if you see this taffy or any of Hammond’s Candies around, give it a try, and be sure to let me know how it is!

Keep On Keeping On



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